1. Install once

Its takes 1 minute to create your account and install our Chrome extension.

2. Continue working

We'll seamlessly track all your work — simple as that.

3. Review weekly

Review & share logs in less than 2 minutes with team & clients, saving hours.



Set your timer once and we'll track the rest. It's like a built in memory for all your online activity.
(You can always edit and add manual entries later.)

Metrics you can act on

As a manager, you'll finally have all the data you need at your fingertips.

* Manage all your metrics in one simple view.
* Set project budgets, deadlines and start and end times.
* Know accurate budgets in the moment and stay on track.
* See all progress activity by team, project and contractor.
* Review cost analysis reports with one click.
* Build client trust with traceable time logs.

Time savings you can count on

* Auto track all your activity daily.
* Review a snapshot of your daily activity.
* Add manual entries at anytime.
* Email secure summaries to clients.
* Share daily logs with team members.


We're a group of developers who couldn't find a tool that just worked. Most products didn't have the analytics to stay on budget and starting and stopping timers was a total pain. We built WeeklyTimelog to make our lives easier and hope it does the same for you. Use it, enjoy it and let us know what you think. We're all ears.

Did we mention it's totally free.