How to get developers to report time?

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Investing energy to bring the best developers to the team is the first step, helping them to learn about the business and technology challenges is always fun, but being able to manage budget can become very difficult if developers don’t record their time.

Key factors:

We often find the best team and quickly agree to a good process, BUT afterwards, they are too busy or constantly forgetting to record time spent on assignments. Why does it happen? Here are the most popular answers to this problem:


1. Tooling limitations: best project managers provide a great user experience to handle tasks and statuses but very poor approaches to collect time, such as start/stop timer and manual entries. Both of these approaches demand the developer constant attention to time tracking while their mind is simply in coding challenges.

2. Delivery priorities: developers have to deal with multiple tasks per day, rushing to deliver as planned. Accurately reporting time spent takes significant effort and soon become a lower priority.

3. Human resistance: developers prefer to be productive instead of spending effort in time tracking.


Most effective solution:

Developers need help collecting their activities because they mostly care about accomplishing the development and sprint objectives. Weeklytimelog was designed with this in mind. The team can choose a project management tool of their preference (such as Jira, Asana, Trello, YouTrack) to leverage the best experience and keep working hard on development while WeeklyTimelog simply watches and records their activities seamlessly.

The developer can log into WeeklyTimelog once per day or even a week later to review their private activities (only visible to developer) and quickly convert activities into timelogs. Developers don’t have to waste time checking emails, git commits, logs, chats to compile their timesheets.

The Manager can easily collect team's timelogs for further reporting & analysis, sharing effort with upper management or clients online, handling booking and invoicing if necessary.


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